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...Lehman Brothers failed

We need to build a movement to create a fairer, more sustainable and resilient economic system.

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Faces of The Crash

The Crash seems to divide people largely into two camps, those involved and those affected. Here we look at the key players in finance and government and some of those affected directly by the impacts of The Crash.

We not only saved the world...
The key players
About Brexit, I haven’t got a clue. let’s hope it’s not a complete disaster.
The public

10 Years After The Crash Events

Charting the course of the anniversaries of major events on the Financial Crash timeline we're hosting events with our network. These events reflect on and discuss key issues in understanding what happened and how the economy can better serve society.

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Together with our network organisations we've got some of the most influential economists, politicians, journalists and industry experts speaking at our events. A selection of forthcoming speakers are shown below, a full list is available via the link below them.

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Who Are We?

We are Promoting Economic Pluralism - a registered charity number 1178596 - working closely with this network of organisations. We have done this because we think the common issue in all the areas the different network members work is how we think about and organise the economy. We believe that by coming together and facilitating diverse and innovative economic thinking we can develop a coherent approach to designing a fairer, more sustainable and resilient economic system.

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Get Involved with driving reform

Please do not leave this to the experts. It is too important for that. Come along and discuss these issues. We also need your financial support to involve as wide a cross-section of the UK population to make this a truly inclusive process. So please donate as much as possible to sponsor those less able to afford involvement.

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Our Network

Our network of organisations have been developing thinking on how the economic system should be reformed since and prior to the Crash. They work on issues of finance, taxation, equality, good work, sustainability, housing and more. All of them have focused a particular part of economic policy, its affects on people and the planet and how its should be reformed. But all are linked by a joint interest in how economic systems can be reformed to create a fairer, more sustainable and resilient economy.

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How To Contact Us

Please email using the form below or get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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