Adrian Carro

Adrian is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant within the Complexity Economics program at the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, University of … Read more

Alberto Botta

Dr. Botta is a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Greenwich. He holds a BA cum laude in Political Sciences from the University of Pavia and a … Read more

Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2007 to 2010, during the most turbulent and far-reaching economic crisis the world had seen for … Read more

Andrew Clare

Andrew Clare, Professor of Asset Management and Associate Dean at Cass Business School; and former Senior Research Manager in the Monetary Analysis wing of the Bank … Read more

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher is chief policy adviser to Jeremy Corbyn and is widely considered the author of Labour’s popular manifesto for the 2017 election. Before working for … Read more

Andrew Mills

Have been a banking/asset management analyst for nearly 20 years Andrew now works as a freelance consultant with a range of clients including global banks, … Read more

Andrew Purves

Andrew Purves is Treasurer at the School of Economic Science.  Andrew has worked in the furniture industry since gaining a degree in History and Politics … Read more

Andrew Shortland

Professor Andrew Shortland (MA, MSt, Dphil Oxon, FSA, FGS) is Professor of Archaeological Science and Director of Cranfield Forensic Institute, part of Cranfield University. He leads a … Read more

Andrew Simms

Andrew Simms is an author, analyst and campaigner. His several books include The New Economics, Ecological Debt: Global Warming & the Wealth of Nations, Tescopoly: How One Shop Came … Read more

Andrew Skates

Andrew is the CEO of Sandtable.  Sandtable is a data science company that specialises in the development of agent based models of human behaviour and … Read more

Andrzej Manka

Andrzej Manka is a founder of ‘The Financial Manifesto’. The majority of his career has been devoted to sales & marketing, media communications and public … Read more

Andy Agathangelou

Andy formed the Transparency Task Force following a meeting he led at Senate House, University of London on 6th May 2015. The meeting was about … Read more

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