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Donate to Promoting Economic Pluralism (PEP) and help us build this movement. PEP is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. We are currently wholly run by volunteers with no public funding. In order to be sustainable we need core funding to make this an effective, sustainable process.

We also want to develop processes that are as inclusive as possible and include those who are often left out of these conversations. We want to facilitate dialogues that are designed and supported to include people from all walks of life and ensure all voices are effectively heard. These dialogues would be supported by experts but driven by the non-experts. This can only be done with adequate resources so we urge you to donate as much as possible to help us make this happen.

If you donate, we will keep you in touch with our activities, developing thinking and seek your views, so you can shape what your money is used for and know it is used to good purpose.


Get the latest news from 10 Years After...