Finance and Sustainability: Is there a way forward?

10 Years after the failure of Lehmans, the finance sector is now often seen as a potential ally in promoting sustainability.  Green bonds and impact investment are growing trends with the promise of financing renewable energy, catchment management and more.

But can the finance sector model of pile it up and sell it cheap work with the complexity and uncertainty which is often central to sustainability?   Even if it can, the finance system demands economic growth to feed returns to investors and lenders which doesn’t sound particularly sustainable. Furthermore it is hardly a sector that is known for its trustworthiness.  Can these circles be squared? Can we develop a financial system that truly promotes sustainability?

Nick Silver, Financial Entrepreneur and Author of Finance, Society and Sustainability and Marloes Nicholls, Programme Manager of The Finance Innovation Lab, will give their views followed by discussion.

Following discussion, there will be a wine reception.

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Nick Silver

Nick is managing director of Callund Consulting, founder and director of Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) and Radix, the think tank of the radical centre. Nick … Read more

Marloes Nicholls

Marloes is Head of Programmes at the Finance Innovation Lab, where she runs Lab Fellowship and leads research on financial innovation. Before working at the … Read more

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School of Economics Science, 11-13 Mandeville Pl, Marylebone, London, W1U 3AJ


September 4, 2018

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