How Economics Professors can stop failing us

Steve Payson, an US economics practictioner of long standing, talks about his book ‘How Economics Professors Can Stop Failing us’ which provides an eye-opening expose on economics professors that will surely shock anyone who is not familiar with the topic, and even some of those who are familiar with it. Economists have a huge influence on policy so surely we would expect them to be ethical and diligent. If they are not, maybe we should all have ‘enough of experts’. Ellen Quigley has recently completed her research into economics education in the UK and will provide a perspective on our local profession.

Following discussion, there will be a wine reception.

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Steven Payson

Steven Payson has over 32 years of professional experience in economics, having worked as an economic consultant for over three years at ICF Incorporated (starting … Read more

Ellen Quigley

Ellen holds a doctorate in economics education from the University of Cambridge and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. She was appointed to the … Read more

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School of Economic Science, 11-13 Mandeville Place, London, United Kingdom, W1U 3AJ


April 3, 2018

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